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'Clarini' comes from the Italian word 'clarino', meaning 'clear' which during the baroque era referred to the high register of the natural trumpet, and, subsequently, to the instrument itself. It was during this time that the trumpet enjoyed it’s Golden Age.

The ensemble CLARINI illustrates the repertiore of the natural trumpet with a power and sophsitication unique in the world.

Susan Williams has gathered together trumpeters who share her approach to trumpet playing and baroque music.

The result is a unique ensemble which expresses not only the power and brilliance of the instrument and its repertoire, but the nuance and ‚swing’ that brings baroque music alive to audiences today.

CLARINI presents programs which include from 1 to 8 trumpets and explores the boundaries of the instrument by performing improvisation and contemporary music as well as repertoire from baroque Europe.

CLARINI’s concerts are an experience – an exploration into sound and nuance.

[...] bathes the audience in a sea of overtones [...].
Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, 11.06.2010

[...], the music melts into a harmonious whole: an overwhelming effect.
[Following this introduction] are original baroque compositions, masterfully interpreted by Clarini's transparent performance, dynamically interesting and rhythmically perfect, the trumpets in their own cultural world.
Braunschweiger Zeitung / Salzgitter Zeitung / Wolfsburger Nachrichten, 14.06.2010

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