A sound- bridge through time and space

[...], the music melts into a harmonious whole: an overwhelming effect.
Braunschweiger Zeitung / Salzgitter Zeitung / Wolfsburger Nachrichten, 14.06.2010

CLARINI’s production ‚Creation’ is a unique combination of natural trumpets and their oldest forefather – the didgeridoo.

With the interplay between 8 natural trumpets, didgeridoo, hammered dulcimer, percussion and trombone, the ensemble creates a colourful sound-bridge between epoques and continents. The musical and cultural connections between the courts of the european high baroque and the ‚origins’ which is inherant in the australian aboriginal culture are unexpectedly harmonious and powerful.

The didgeridoo produces the ground tone and this is enhanced by the overtones of the natural trumpets. The ensemble goes on to describe the dance of life and the music of the spheres in a program which encompasses improvisation, baroque dance music and contemporary compositions.

Music by Fantini, Altenberg, Biber, Sanz, Katz-Chernin and others.

music samples