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[...] the ensemble Clarini under Susan Williams' direction, flawlessly presents trumpet repertoire of the baroque, repertoire which upholds the splendour of the court. [...]
Hannoversche Algemeine Zeitung, 15.06.2010)

Trumpet music from the Baroque courts of europe

In this program CLARINI makes a musical journey through the most powerful and influential baroque courts of Europe - Vienna, St. Petersburg, Versailles, Lisbon, Dresden and Kromeritz.

These courts showed off their power by having large and virtuosic trumpet ensembles and commissioned high quality works to be written for them. During this era, the size of the trumpet ensemble signified the greatness of the ruler.

Featured are well known trumpet ensemble works by composers such as H.I.F. Biber, Johann Heinrich Schmelzer, the Philidor family, Zelenka and Johann Ernst Altenburg, as well as less known works by Jeseph Starker for trumpets and chalmeaux and Mozart‘s divertimento for trumpets, timpani and flutes.

An adventure into the splendour of the European baroque centers of power.

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